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About Caton Events, Ltd.

joanJoan M. Caton, English literature and college writing teacher at a high school in the south suburbs, decided that she and her students should go to an exhibit at Newberry Library in Chicago. The exhibit focused on the Arthurian legend and the classic authors and artists associated with the legend. Exploring the exhibit, Joan fell in love with the legend and the seeds of Caton Enterprises, Ltd. were planted.

Wanting to learn more, in 1989 Joan applied for and received a National Endowment for the Humanities Independent Summer Fellowship in Arthurian legend. The more she learned, it seemed wrong to her that all of this inspiring legend was rarely taught in schools because of the complexity of the plots and characters.

Supported by a friend who was a middle school educator, Joan put together a program, “King Arthur Alive,” marketed this colorful, interactive program, and Caton Enterprises, Ltd. was born. Due to performance demand, Joan quit a twenty-one year teaching career and developed her educational business. In 1990, invited by Bristol Renaissance Faire to be their first bookseller, Caton Enterprises, Ltd. expanded into books and curriculum centered on the legend, and became acquainted with talented artists and musicians at the Faire. When a couple at the Faire asked her if she could create a Renaissance wedding for them, she put together talent from the Faire and designed CE, Ltd.’s first Renaissance wedding.

Caton Events, the wedding and ambiance division of Caton Enterprises, Ltd., flourished! Caton Enterprises, Ltd. proudly boasts creating over fifty weddings in diverse locations such as a state park, a barn, a private residence on the Fox River, the grounds of Barat College, and at banquet halls throughout the Chicagoland area. After that first wedding, the company expanded beyond Renaissance Weddings, to corporate events including an outdoor Renaissance Faire for Mitsubishi Motors; a sales award event for Sysco; entertainment for HBO “Game of Thrones” series introductions in Chicago, and more (see Corporate Events). Eventually Caton Events also included private anniversary parties, birthday celebrations & parties…& even a Medieval Bridal Shower!

Today, Caton Enterprises, Ltd. celebrates twenty-five years of presenting school programs on classic literature and culture and over twenty years of success in its Renaissance Wedding / Ambiance Division. The educational division now offers six educational assembly programs for different grade levels, specialized workshops on the legend, and even student, Medieval banquets inclusive of three course meals and two hours of entertainment, at Royalty West Banquet Hall in Willow Springs, Illinois.

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